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Options Basic Core Premium
Cake Spots
Dance Floor Light
LED Wash
Price $ 600 $ 750 $ 950


Light Descriptions


Small LED uplight

A small, battery-powered uplight. Although this light is small in size, it packs a big punch. Unlike standard plug-in models, these battery-powered lights can be placed in almost any location, providing invaluable mobility. Small LED uplights can be set for a variety of colors. They last for up to seven hours, and are perfect for indoor and outdoor lighting, weather permitting.


Large LED uplight

The larger of our two LED uplights. This light is the powerhouse behind all of our packages. It boasts 151 LED's and can be set to almost any color to match your wedding style. This can puts out more light than a 600-watt bulb! In addition, these cans will blend in nicely at your venue location. They are matte black and come with a sturdy stand.


Cake Spot

This very narrow beam light can be perched across the room so as not to be seen by guests. Your wedding cake will appear as if it is mysteriously glowing. These lights make a huge impact on your cake-cutting photographs and video.


LED Wash

A four-foot bar of LED goodness. This accent light can flood a wall with a single hue, or slowly change colors all night long. The LED wash adds great depth to the overall atmosphere of a room. This subtle, yet impactful light will do wonders for the mood on your special evening.


Dance Floor Light

Looking for a way to light up the dance floor without being obnoxious? We have the perfect solution. Our dance floor light is something you might see on the set of a music video. It is a photographer's dream. This dimmable light is placed behind the deejay booth and is powered by four, amber, halogen bulbs. Once the party starts and the lights go down, this glowing wonder is dimmed to perfection, adding plenty of punch to your photographs and video. This custom-built light is a Tulsa treat and is only available through upLight.



Great for putting your name out there. This projection light utilizes a piece of material with patterned holes through which light passes. It is placed in a beam of light to allow only the desired "shape" or pattern through. Your newly-shared name or initials can shine brightly on a wall or dance floor for all to see.


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